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8th grade graduation dresses

Does anyone remember the plastic cube filled with a sponge - they were called picture cubes! Well, we recently came across one that my brother Brian had when he was a teenager. Today I scanned the pictures and here they are! 8th grade graduation dresses
1. Brian's 8th grade Graduation with our dog Chico in the background.
2. Brian about 16 or 17, "playing" drums, but don't know where or with who!!
3. Brian and the wagon and oxen at New Salem, 1966 - do any of his friends note the size of his one knee? That was the start of his bout with arthritis.
4. Brian in Kindergarten
5. Brian at age 2 1/2, with MY sock monkey at the neighbor's.
6. My 3rd grade school picture. I remember that dress, it was a dark brown and all the light area are a very pale pink, and were like satin to the touch!

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