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Copied for knowledge sharing

1. Pt who enters in ur clinic by talking on the phone and don't look at you till they sit on chair once they sit they will have eye contact but a fear slightly seen on their face .........means while entering their something anxiety in their mind going on how I will face the Dr soo keep talking to not get caught..........are mostly *calcareas* corset wedding dresses

2. Pts while entering look down and in a whole case keep looking down don't look at your face .......... *ambra gresia and muratic acid* ( they sit in chair like that of a dead person no expression on face seems their is no life in them )

3. Pts who keep talking in between the case while Dr is talking to the accompanied person
"Tell the Dr that thing
Tell the Dr that thing "
These are mostly *iodums*

4. There are people who are in very hurry when enters in your clinic and want to leave also as soon as possible
*Argentum nit.* ....very hurry becos the time is fixed what are thing he want to do at what time .very nervous
He cannot wait for the bus or train will start walking ahead .

*Sulphuric acid*. ...too much hurry hurry .want to many work at one time imagine a house wife given time to finish cooking washing and wiping floor she will do and can do at one time all the 4 work. Perfectly but if you tell her to do one work shevwull get tired will not able to perform.
*Lil tig*. .....loves to do too many work at one time.

*Ars sulp flavum*..
akwardness in walking very hurried.

5. Pts who reply very slowly slowly to your questions. ..... *barytas calcares, helloborous, gelsimium, kali phos, spongia*

6. Pts who are always in doubt. ....alumina carbo veg laces is petrol

*Carbo veg* .....always confusion about the people .I feel I have met u but I don't remember although he has met him yesterday only. Slowness after long disses *Alumina* .....
confusion in taking decision weather to do this or that always gets confused .
*Anacardium* confusion is by two wills. Suppose a lady went to market to purchase the clothes one cloth is 1000 rs and same looking cloth is in 500 she will find the pros and cons of the both the dress is what is the benefit of purchasing 1000 rs ie it is good
it has quality
It's has life foryrs
But it's costly while the cloth which is of 500rs
Very cheap
Same like that of 1000 rs cloth
It has life for less yes but no warranty now here she gets confused the heart says purchase 1000rs dress but the pocket says purchase 500 this the confusion of *Anacardium.*

*Lachesis*....doubts every one near surrounding her .

7. Pts who enters clinic keeps on complaint complaint complaint on all the occasions
*Aloes nitric acid China*

8. Pts who threaten Dr's when they don't get cured
Dr since 2yrs I m coming but I m not getting see to it I have 10 ....15 boys which can do anything for me once I raise my voice. Mostly *tarentula*

9.pts who keep on complaint about their neighbours and surrounding people's ....... *merc sol*.

10. People who keeps on complaining about the injustice happening in society but they cannot do anything for it........ *caustic and staohysigria*.

11. People who torments about their complaint to every one
Look what I am having this is increasing in size repeatedly
........ *zincum met and nitric acid*.

12. Pts who complain in sleep..... *Anacardium belladonna conium ignitia nux vom op stram sulphur*

14. People who complain in comatose ........ *Anacardium and opium*

15. Pts who in coma ask for water ......... *terbenthina*

16. Pts who talks continuously and don't care weather u listen to them or not ....... *sticta pulmonaris*

17. Pts who enjoy talking will keep on talking although if Dr is on another phone ........ *nm Paris stram*

18. Pts who lie whole day but at night they speak only truth ...... *hyos bell stram.*

19. At night they speak very slowly as if wishpering. .... *camphor*
Pavithra K Vinod

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