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items for second marriages to wear of the wedding

Chasing Shadows # TheLoveStory
Episode 3

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t envisage this. There is no need getting angry, I’m sorry.’
‘This has just spoilt my mood already’
‘What do you mean spoil your mood, we haven’t even started and you are talking about your mood being spoilt. Well, I know exactly what will get you back in the mood’
She helped him out from under the bed and got him to sit on the bed. She then took off her dressing gown to reveal a see through under dress.
Frank forgot about his anger and immediately pulled her towards him. They kissed passionately and made very passionate love. When it was over, they laid back in bed in each other’s arms. Sikemi was lying on him sideways and had her head laid on his chest with her right arm wrapped around his waist while Frank had his left hand under his head resting on the pillow and his right hand cuddling her. items for second marriages to wear of the wedding
‘It is always an amazing experience every time I have you. I wish you were mine, you should be with me. I can’t get you out of my head.’
‘But Frank, you know I am a married woman, I can’t just leave my family for you.’
‘I know you are married, you don’t have to keep reminding me. It is hard enough for me to know that your husband touches you so please don’t keep reminding me.’
‘You men can get very jealous. We both know it is my husband who has the most rights to my body but I still share with you yet you are jealous.’
‘I am a man, whatever the circumstances are, it is not easy.’
‘I know it is not but we have to manage the way things are.’
‘Well, managing is all I have been doing for so long, I don’t seem to have a choice in this matter.’
‘Jealous man, calm your nerves down, at least you are not losing anything in this.’
‘I very well am.’
‘How do you mean?’
‘I am not your husband.’
‘Huh. I get that.’
‘So, did you enjoy that?’
‘Enjoy is an understatement. You always manage to blow me away.’
‘That is what I live for, to blow my Sikemi away but not away from me, towards me instead.’
They both laughed.
‘I still wonder how I managed to miss you in my life.’
‘You haven’t missed anything, I am still here with you.’
‘I want you all to myself.’
‘I know you do.’
‘If for any reason, your marriage does not work, I will marry you and take care of your children like they were mine.’
‘You must be the joker of the century.’
‘Joker you think?’
‘Yes, joker.’
‘We shall see.’
‘Whatever.’ Sikemi then got up to start getting dressed.
‘What are you doing, are you getting dressed?’
‘Yes, why?’
‘What do you mean why. I don’t know when next I will get this kind of opportunity again so come here already’. With that, he pulled her close and they had a second round of love making. When they both exhaled, Sikemi got up from the bed.
‘You need to start getting ready to go now, Patrick might be back anytime soon and I don’t want him to meet you here.’
‘Yes my lady, I will get dressed.’
They both went into the bathroom to freshen up and came back into the room to get dressed. Once they were dressed, she led him into the living room towards the entrance door. Sikemi put her hand out to turn the key and Frank put his hand over hers.
‘My dear Sikemi, I love you very much and I never stopped loving you. Hope you are happy being married to him but you know I will always be there for you whenever you need me.’ He said and kissed her.
‘Thank you, Frank, I appreciate that.’ She then opened the door and led him out of the compound to the main gate.
‘Take care of yourself my dear Sikemi and I will see you soon hopefully.’
‘I sure will take care of me and yes, you will see me soon’
‘I will be expecting your call again, don’t make me wait too long though.’
‘No problem, I will keep you posted.’
Frank again moved in to kiss her but suddenly, the gate opened and it was Patrick who was returning from his errand.
Sikemi shivered slightly because she was not sure if Patrick had seen Frank trying to kiss her. She wasn’t very pleased with Frank either because he should have known they were now in the compound and he needed to behave himself.
‘Well done Madam, I don come’ Patrick said as he entered the premises.
‘Welcome Patrick.’
‘Good afternoon sir’ Patrick greeted Frank.
‘Good afternoon’ he responded.
‘I will take my leave now. Thanks for everything, bye’ Frank said to Sikemi and left.
Patrick was already making his way into the house to go drop the items he brought from the market when Sikemi called him’
‘Yes Madam’
‘Where are you going?’
‘I am going to drop the market items’
‘Wait there.’ She approached him and met him at the front porch.
‘What did you see’
‘Madam, where, when?’
‘Are you questioning me or you are pretending?’
Patrick who had just returned from a long and tiring errand suddenly wished he had arrived a few minutes later to avoid this drama. He wasn’t sure what he was going to say to her.

Kehinde Fadahunsi
Erelu Keni 1
# keniwrites

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