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The news this morning that a car belonging to Sinn Féin's Kevin Campbell has been burnt out in an overnight attack has been met with the usual selective condemnation that the people of Derry have come to expect from the supposed "political elite" in the city.

While activists and civilians are harassed by the Crown Forces Campbell and his party support on a daily basis, these anti-community attacks are ignored by the very same people who are rightly outraged by the attack on Campbell and his family.

Furthermore, these Crown Force attacks, including the raids on Junior McDaid House and other Saoradh activists coupled with eight Saoradh members being lifted, interrogated, charged and released with heavily restrictive bail conditions imposed on them, are a direct result of Sinn Féin goading the MI5-directed PSNI into taking action against Republicans.

Kevin Campbell has been one of those most vocal with these public utterances. He has also shamefully called on the youth of this city to be criminalised for resisting attacks on Republican Commemorations.

In addition to the calls for criminalisation and doctored mobile phone footage for self serving political point scoring, high profile members of Sinn Fein took it upon themselves to physically assault a young Republican who hails from a family with a valiant history of Republican activism both militantly and politically. Our question arising from this is, will Sinn Fein take disciplinary action against those involved? junior party

Despite this, and after making representations within the city, Saoradh can confirm that the Republican Movement in Derry was not responsible for the burning of a car outside the Campbell home. This action would quite simply be counter productive to our objective of building the credible Republican alternative to the status quo that Saoradh presents.

Saoradh would like to wish our young comrade a speedy recovery and will be making no further public comment regarding this incident.

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