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sweet 16 court

1.Have u notice dat d time u r expecting Money n waiting for Alert,that's the same time MTN will be sending u hell of message??
? ? ?
They'll kill you with tension and suspense! ? ?
2.stopped Watching Ghanaian Movies When A Mango Fell From The Coconut Tree ? ? ?
3.Bro Wickedness is when you wish a fat girl "Happy birthday" and u went ahead by adding"BIGGER YOU I PRAY" ? ? ? ? hmmm bro just get ready to explain why you attend the birthday party sef!! ? ? ?
4.Sister come closer!!
You know why you're still single!? You still Single because you always leave Church immediately after church service!!
Stop that!!
5.A boy was teaching a girl maths.He kissed her,then kissed her again and said: That's ADDITION.
Then the girl kissed him back and said: This is SUBTRACTION.
Then they kissed each other and said: This is MULTIPLICATION.and the next tin was the girl's dad.her Dad came and beat up the boy,threw him away and said "Stupid boy!" This is DIVISION!.
Then he added again"I don't wanna see u here again and that's SEPARATION!!!!
? ? ? ? ? ?
Maths no go kee me!! problem with guys is lack of maintenance and responsibilities!.Imaging!,Solomon married 700 wives and 300 concubines an he was able to handle an control them.But you,common 1 girlfriend you can't even handle,and you will even be having sleepless night!!
Mtchew!! ? ? ? ? and that's the one reason why buhari say that Nigeria youth are lazy!!
Mtchew ? ? ? ?
8.Every single lady is praying for a rich husband my sister who will marry the poor guys? ?‍♂ ?
9.Am done watching Nigeria movie I swear!!!
How can a ghost be vomiting!!? ? ? ? ?
Mtchew ? ? ? ? ?
10.I CAN'T LAUGH ALONE ...3 thieves were taken to court, and were found guilty. The 1st man stole 1 sardine. The judge said 3yrs in prison bcos there are 3 fish inside 1 sardine. The 2nd man stole a tray of egg. He got 30yrs in prison bcos a tray of egg contains 30 eggs. And the 3rd guy collapsed. Do u know why? He stole a bag of rice. sweet 16 court ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
11.A Lady will enter university with 3pairs of shirt and skirts, a touch light phone, a stove. And will graduate with 65 top and trousers, armless, wig, gas cooker, iPhone ,Generator, Plasma Tv, Air condition..and so on. .... ? ? ?
Toh Sister pls which God are u worshipping na!!? Let's worship him together in truth and in spirit........
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
12.It's only in Nigeria u will see download opera news to get a new car ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
13.No matter how broke u are, there’s always dis ONE friend dat’s ready to give u beer rather than give you money ? ?
True or false!??
14.Imagine when your busy masturbating and you hear someone saying " I SEE YOU I SEE YOU ? ?
Bad market!! ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
15.,A beautiful, sexy good looking lady was sitting next to a guy
inside the plane. The lady said to him, "can you help me to
remove something from my breast?...please".
Guy: excitedly replied. "Wow! It will be my pleasure;
so what is it"?
The lady answered .... "YOUR EYES"........
Idiot!!! ? ? ? ? ? .
16.A mad man saw his fellow mad friend crying by a river side. He sat down beside him and asked:
_“Why are u crying?"
The other one replied:
“I put a cube of sugar in this river, but when I tasted it, I felt nothing. It's not sweet!"
The mad man blew up with laughter and said:
"You! You are really very mad! Did you mix it?" ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
17.Dating A married man is fun until you discovered that he saved your number as Engine Oil ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
18.When a guy is not interested in a relationship anymore,he can say anything just to break up with you. He might say "Baby I can't continue any longer. Your mum didn't write WAEC" ? ? ? ?
? ? ?
19.Girls That Do Ghana Weaving With Brazilian Wool On A Nigerian Hair
How Do You Survive With Three Nations On Your Head? ? ? mtchew!! ? ? ? ?
20.African Parents Will Advice You For 5 Hours And Still Say "I Don't Have Much To Say" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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